Below we cover the most common questions we have been asked; this list will continually grow to make sure everything is covered.

In what countries do you operate?

The majority of our trainers have experience working internationally and our model permits us to deploy those resources wherever there is a need. Whatever you want and wherever you are, we can source the right trainer and the right course at a cost that is massively beneficial to your business.

What courses do you offer?

An example of courses offered can be found on our services page, but this is by no means everything we offer. Speak to us to discuss your needs.

What methods of delivery do you employ?

At this time, our trainers will deliver training onsite, although if you are able to facilitate virtual classrooms, many of our trainers are experienced with virtual deliveries.

How do you determine my organisation's exact needs?

We will take time to fully understand your business needs to deliver a solution perfectly suited to your requirements. A period of consultation enables us to structure a solution that is right for you, without pushing unnecessary courses onto your business. Wherever possible, we will make an SME available at briefing stage.

What size groups can you cater for?

Corporate training solutions can be tailored for individuals or larger groups; a company's primary asset is the quality of its people and we believe that well-trained staff are happier in their work and more efficient for your company.

Who is my trainer?

Our trainers have come to us via recommendation only. We use best-in-class, experienced trainers who will give your teams the depth of knowledge and return on investment we know our clients demand.

Would you come on-site to deliver training?

Our courses can be delivered in various locations to meet the needs of our clients. To get more information about on-site training, contact us.

How are you different to other training providers?

We are not selling you a product. We are not driving a square peg into a round hole. You tell us what you need and we will give you the resources to fulfil that need. We act as a brokerage for some of the finest training resources in the market place; and because we have small overheads, we can offer you these resources at a fraction of the price.

How does the process work?

Although every client and every opportunity is unique there are certain steps we will always follow:
(1) We qualify your requirement and where necessary will invite our SME to take part in the briefing.
(2) We will offer you the resource we feel that you need, draft a proposal detailing expert bio, outlines and costs.
(3) Our trainer will deliver at an agreed venue - Holcombe will handle the contract and the invoicing.

We know that we need training but we have a limited budget

Holcombe has consultants specialising in organisational needs assessment. A limited budget is by no means unique in this market and we will ensure that your teams only receive training which is necessary and beneficial. We can help you to design a learning solution with maximum ROI, even on a budget.

We have in-house training resources so why do we need you?

Our consultants / trainers have extensive experience of working with organisations in the design of their curriculum. Our SMEs are not simply trainers; they are able to provide consultancy support at every level.

Do you just do training?

Absolutely not. Our resources carry many years of experience and are available for consultancy, project work, speaking engagements and team augmentation. Their experience makes them extremely malleable.

Why should we consider changing training companies?

Because we are confident that we can offer you the same or better quality resource at a lower price.